Posted by: jcjlkrebs | March 5, 2010

Two days at sea

We have spent the last two days at sea enjoying the Royal Princess and the great staff and friends we have made. We have been going back to trivia (I guess we are both tired of reading) and have won three of the last four (I know we don’t need anymore luggage tags). I think we go because we enjoy the people we play with.
We passed over the equator again without seeing the line, maybe it was because the captain came on and told us that the line was a little red this time because of the weather and we were looking for the black line, oh well, maybe next time.
We have really come to like this small ship, we never wait in line for anything including elevators (which the ship only has four of), the staff is extremely friendly and we have come to know may of them. One of our favorites is Natasha, she is one of the dancers and also on the cruise staff. She is from Australia, and extremely good dancer and interesting to talk with. Tonight another formal night, yuck, six of them on this trip.
Tomorrow, Devils Island.


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