Posted by: jcjlkrebs | March 5, 2010

The Boi Bumba

After hearing much about the Boi Bomba, today was our day to go, and we surely wern;t disappointed. Boi Bomba is actually held in June and is the second largest celebration in Brazil. Boi Bomba pits the blue followers against the red followers in the samba. Thousands of people compete for each side and it turns into a competition of dance, costumes, and extremely elaborate and large animated creatures, with some of these being huge. We got a one hour sample of what happens in June (the one in June goes on for a week) from members of the blue followers. Our performance had more than a hundred dancers that never stopped dancing. The performance was wonderful and made us tired just watching the constant nonstop dancing. I have no idea where they get the energy, but they are all amazing.
Tomorrow, back to Boca Da Valeria, where we are looking to take back the photographs we had taken on our way here, and had printed on the ship. We hope that the people will be as excited about our recent pictures as they were of the three year old ones.
We finally met our new tablemates and they seem like a nice group, but it will be hard to beat the ones we had for the fist leg of our trip. Will let you know more as we get to know them better.


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