Posted by: jcjlkrebs | March 5, 2010

ST Barths

Well, we couldn’t get into St Barths today because the sea was extremely rough and we were suppose to take tender boats in. We are very glad we got to go in the last time, of course with my heart condition; it was probably good that we didn’t chance another topless beach.
In recapping the last few days, I think I mentioned that we were again invited to the Captains lunch as two of the forty most traveled passengers on board. This time we were extremely surprised because we were seated with Captain Jerman and it was an interesting lunch. The Captain is English but lives in Australia. We enjoy him for his wit which includes the statement at the welcoming party that said “A speech is like a women’s dress, it needs to be long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep everyone’s interest”. We have run into the Captain since that lunch and he always acknowledges and asks how we are doing. We have had a lot of Captains lunches, but this was the first time we were at his table.
Now two more sea days and home on Saturday.


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