Posted by: jcjlkrebs | March 5, 2010

Devils Island for the fifth time

Today was another day at Devils Island (Isle Royale) and being this was our fifth time here, and not much else we could see on the island, we stayed onboard today and won two more trivia’s. We have been on a roll the last few days and today we won hats and bags. (at least no more luggage tags). We really enjoy our trivia team; we have a couple from Texas and one from Washington traveling together. They had met on a past cruise and have traveled together on a couple more.
We have gotten hooked on Sudoku: the library puts out three new ones each day, each with a increasing degree of difficulty. Surprisingly Judy and I do them together very well, because we look at the numbers differently, so we have been breezing through most of them pretty quickly.
We continue to meet new people and have had breakfast and lunch with very interesting people. We have a lady on board who joined this ship in 2007 and stays on it permanently. The cruise staff really caters to her and there is even a picture of her near the dining room.
Tomorrow, another sea day and we are having lunch with the Captain and his staff for being one of the forty most traveled passengers on this cruise.


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